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Plant of the Week June 24th!

 Chinese Evergreen   $2.00 off 


Kids’ Summer Series:

Good Bugs vs Bad Bugs

Tuesday, June 27 at 10 am

Fun class to learn which bugs are helpful and which are harmful.

Class is free.




Summer Color

Looking for fun summer color for your garden? From vinca to bougainvillea find the best selection of perennials and annuals that love the heat and provide amazing color all season long!


Plant of the Week – Chinese Evergreen (easiest houseplant)  Save $2

You don’t need a green thumb to grow these. Care is not a problem, as Chinese evergreens require just a few things. They thrive in low light, so you can place them in locations where other houseplants won’t grow. Being tropicals, they like warm, slightly humid conditions with room temperatures of at least 65 degrees. Leaf tips can turn brown if the air is too dry. Water well, let drain, and then let the soil dry slightly before doing so again. Overwatering is the most frequent way houseplants are killed.