Monthly Garden To Do List

May To Do Checklist:


Planting – Continue to plant container gardens, use larger containers to allow less frequent watering.  Plant summer blooming perennials and annuals.  Choose heat-tolerant plants like purslane and bougainvillea for hanging baskets in full sun

Birds – Spring migration continues into mid-May.  Clean birdbaths often and keep feeders full, and clean them after rainstorms to prevent soggy spoiled seed.  Even non-birders can keep fresh water and food out at this time (and also during fall migration) to help our feathered friends.

Pruning – Prune spring-flowering shrubs after they bloom. Remove sucker shoots from tomato plants to get larger earlier fruit. Remove spent blooms on spring and summer annuals to promote new blooms

Fertilizing – Feed all spring blooming shrubs after they have bloomed. Fertilize flower beds and vegetable gardens with slow release organic fertilizers like Ladybug Flower Power or Micro-Life, containers can be fertilized with water- soluble John’s Recipe or Hasta-gro

Water – deep root watering on trees, lawns and shrubs is best.  It encourages roots to move down into the soil where they will be less susceptible to moisture changes.  Avoid short periods of shallow watering, use a tree gator or soaker hose to aid in slow, deep watering.

Pests – Keep an eye out for pests as well as beneficial insects in your vegetable garden.  Check for slugs and snails early in the morning or in the evenings when they are active. Ladybugs are excellent for aphid control.

Lawn –  Mow every 5-7 days, leaving the clippings on the lawn. Keep St. Augustine grass at 2.5-3 in. height.  Apply ½ to 1” of water as needed. Don’t water more than every 5 days. Apply molasses or compost to ensure healthy soil for healthy turf roots