Round Rock Monthly Gardening Checklist



Monthly Garden To Do List

July To Do


  1. Water: Water deeply, especially trees, but infrequently during dry periods. Don’t rely on your sprinkler system to water adequately in summer.
  2. Fertilize: Give annuals a complete fertilizer. Water well before and after application. Deadhead and fertilize roses. Fertilize young fruit trees (except pears) with organic food at 1-2 cups per inch of trunk diameter.
  3. Check irrigation systems for proper function – may need to extend the watering periods to make sure roots are watered.
  4. Mulch: Maintain mulch at 2-3” depth  – add new mulch if needed – to conserve moisture
  5. Prepare vegetable gardens for fall planting – pull weeds & add compost
  6. Plant: vegetable plants:  tomato, peppers, squash & cucumbers. Plant herbs: basil, oregano, thyme
  7. Plant pumpkin seeds for October Jack-O-Lanterns. Other seeds to plant: corn, cucumber, okra, black-eyed peas, beans, cantaloupe
  8. Pests/Diseases: Identify insect and fungal problems and treat with least toxic solution.
  9. Feed the birds. Keep bird baths clean and filled with fresh water
  10. Eliminate standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding
  11. Prune: Deadhead annuals and perennials to encourage a great fall showing
  12. Stay hydrated and protect yourself from UV rays (sunscreen/hats/sunglasses).