Round Rock Monthly Gardening Checklist



Monthly Garden To Do List

April To Do List:

Planting – Plant new shrubs early before the heat arrives. Plant summer blooming perennials and annuals.  Veggies, herbs, fruit trees, and berries.

Fertilize – Tomatoes and peppers should be fed with an organic fertilizer.  Feed crepe myrtles beneath the branch spread with 1/3 cup complete fertilizer per sq. yd. After 2nd mowing, fertilize lawn with organic lawn food, aerate first if needed.  Fertilize all houseplants.  After blooming, feed bulbs with bone meal.

Lawn Care –Start mowing every 7 days, leaving the clippings on the lawn. Keep St Augustine grass at 2.5 -3 inches.

Clean-up – Live oaks should be finished dropping their catkins and leaves. Rake and add them to compost, or apply mulch over them.

Mulch –  Mulch trees, shrubs, veggie and flower beds with 2-4 inches to discourage weeds, keep roots cool and conserve moisture.

Pruning – Prune spring blooming shrubs after flowers fade such as azaleas, wisteria, forsythia and quince. Pinch tips of coleus to avoid flowering and encourage bushier and compact growth. Remove spent blooms on spring annuals to promote new blooms..

Water – Maintain watering on newly planted seeds and transplants. Deep root watering on trees, lawns and shrubs is best. It encourages roots to move down into the soil where they will be less susceptible to moisture changes. Avoid frequent short periods of watering.

Pests – Keep an eye out for pests as well as beneficial insects in your vegetable garden. Pick off pests by hand. Check for snails and slugs early in the morning, when they are active.

Orchids – Move orchids outside and place them in shady spots. Repot if necessary.

Birds – Fill bird baths and keep water fresh.