Add Some Roses

The middle of summer can have your garden looking tired. Adding an easy to maintain eye-catching rose bush, is the best way to pick it up and regenerate a little life. There are different routes to go when discussing the rose design for your garden; climbing or bush, but either will add a new design to your garden.

One of our favorite rose bushes at Round Rock Garden Center is The Knock Out Family of Roses. They are easy to maintain and you’ll never have to deadhead this bush. This perennial doesn’t require special care and will grace you with blooms from fall to the first frost.

When winter comes, The Knock Out will lose its leaves. It comes back in the fall and does exactly what you bought it to do; liven up your garden for years to come. You can use The Knock Out as a border to create a hedge or plant them as individual bushes.

If you’re having trouble growing plants in a certain spot, you should try The Knock Out. They don’t need rich soil, or much water to survive. You could even say The Knock Out is a drought tolerant plant.

If you are trying to get a rose that climbs, I would recommend the Zephirine Drouhin rose. I must admit, I’m a little bias when it comes to these roses. My grandma had the most beautiful white lattice lined up against the fence in her backyard, and it was covered in Zephirine Drouhin pink roses. They’re a great option to have in your backyard, considering they’re nearly thorn-less and won’t hurt kids or animals.

If you’re looking to add shade over a pergola , but you also want color, try some climbing roses. They’ll add beautiful fragrance to the air and create the perfect shady cover.

Whichever option you choose, climbing or bush, Round Rock Garden Center will be here to help you find the best fit. See you this weekend.