All About Butterfly Gardens!

Creating your very own butterfly garden is a fun and exciting process. If you are thinking about creating a butterfly garden there are some things you need to take in mind.

Do your research! Knowing what plants butterflies use for feeding, laying eggs, and resting on is essential to the success of your garden. Start with a diverse selection of native plants.

Know the importance of color, shape, and fragrance for your garden. Butterflies are guided by color and pattern when searching for nectar. Try using pink, orange, purple, and yellow when deciding on a color pallet. Did you know that some species of butterflies can’t see red? Take those things in mind when designing your garden.

Don’t be fooled. Not all bright colored flowers bear nectar. Plants such as roses do not. The form of the flower is also a big factor in attracting butterflies. Choose flowers that have a single apex or large petals for an easy place to land.

The next step to take when choosing what plants to use is the fragrance. We recommend using pungent flowers like butterfly milkweed, Texas lantana, wooly butterfly bush, blackeyed beebalm, blackeye Susan, and eastern purple coneflower.

Remember with the following essentials.

  • Determine the species of butterflies you want to attract and base that off of what plants you choose to get.
  • Chose a place that is protected from wind and rain but gets plenty of sunlight.
  • Don’t forget about host plants! Plants such as dill are a great addition to your butterfly garden.
  • Lastly, choose plants that will simultaneously bloom together. This is very appealing to butterflies.

As long as you stick with the essentials listed above you can start looking forward to enjoying a variety of butterflies visit your garden! Don’t forget to come and check in to see what’s new in the garden. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to messages on social media or give us a call!