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Rediscovering a Classic – A Variety of Hydrangeas

Certain plants have the ability to conjure up memories, emotions and feelings of special times and special places. For many the hydrangea’s fairy-tale blue clusters remind us of carefree summer days spent lazing on the Cape, where the showy blooms dress up cottage gardens. We plant hydrangeas in our own beds for the restful feelings […]

Got Spring Fever? Visit the flower gardens at Keukenhof in Holland!

Have a bad case of Spring fever? Let’s go to Holland! Ok, maybe we all can’t hop on a plane, but we can take a video visit to Keukenhof where you will experience the gorgeous views of blooming Dutch tulips and other flowers for which Holland is famous. Keukenhof is the most famous and largest […]

March Houseplant of the Month – Pothos

Whether you are new to houseplants, or have a tendency towards killing anything you bring home, have we got a plant for you. Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum, is a lovely plant that is probably the easiest houseplant to grow. You have probably seen them in dorm rooms, offices, or even tropical locations like steamy bathrooms. […]

An Easier Approach To Roses

Maybe it’s time to break up with your roses. Every year it’s the same… the snow melts and the rose bush in your garden that has been lying dormant all winter springs to life with the hope and promise of summer. You gently lie your soaker hose under it, and comment how lovely it is […]

Trending Houseplants

Round Rock Gardeners, you have seen them on Pinterest, women’s apparel, Facebook, and in magazine ads. I’m talking about trending houseplants. The all-green natural look is taking America’s fashion, home decor, and social media over-the-top with houseplants. There is so much more than meets the eye when discussing trending houseplants. Who is doing it, Why […]

Cheers to 16 Years

Round Rock Garden Center is celebrating 16 years of business this Saturday, Aug 11. Over the past 16 years, we’ve made a lot of physical changes to our store, and we’ve proudly developed into a full-service garden for the Round Rock/Austin area. Our first big fix to the garden center was the parking lot, and […]

Welcome to August

August is here and we have so many opportunities to look forward to. The heat is going to let up (fingers crossed,) and that means it’s time to train your climbers, plant fall veggies, and add compost/mulch to your garden. We’re officially preparing for the fall. The highest temperature in August 2017, was 100 degrees. […]

Add Some Roses

The middle of summer can have your garden looking tired. Adding an easy to maintain eye-catching rose bush, is the best way to pick it up and regenerate a little life. There are different routes to go when discussing the rose design for your garden; climbing or bush, but either will add a new design […]

Summer Perennials

This summer, Round Rock Garden Center believes it’s important to have some beautiful summer perennials that will flourish in your garden. The hardiest, most sun-loving, and longest blooming plants in zone 8b are the only plants we’ll recommend for you. The Coreopsis flower thrives in hot and dry weather, it’s a very reliable Texas perennial […]