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Shade Shrubs For You

This week, Round Rock Garden Center is focusing on some of the most beautiful and versatile shrubs we carry. The Mahonia Indigo, Azalea, Gardenia, Elephant Ear, and Leopard Plant. These plants can be placed by your house, underneath trees, or anywhere in your yard that is completely covered in shade. However, the Mahonia Indigo breaks […]

FOXFARM Ocean Forest Potting Soil

Foxfarm Soil and Fertilizer Company is a highly recommended brand at Round Rock Garden Center. It was founded in America as an environmentally friendly brand that caters to the needs of you and your planting needs. In 1984 the founder of Foxfarm, Willy, started a line of fertilizers and soils from Humboldt County, California, with […]

Growing Ginger

This week we opened our blog topic up to our Round Rock Gardeners, and the winner of this week’s blog topic is “growing ginger.” Ginger is most commonly known for aromatherapy and its spicy flavor. It also has anti-inflammatory compounds that are great for people experiencing arthritis. Whatever your reason for growing ginger may be, […]

Herbs Anyone Can Grow

Why purchase herbs from the grocery store when you can grow your own at home? For a convenient oomph of flavor whenever your meal needs a boost, plant herbs in your own garden or containers. Home-grown herbs are less expensive and fresher than their store-bought counterparts while being surprisingly easy to grow and maintain. Study […]


Actinovate An organic fungicide Actinovate is a biological fungicide that fights lawn and garden fungal-related diseases. Particularly effective for brown patch, dollar spot, root rot and leaf mildews. The active ingredient in Actinovate is a bacterium that, when applied, grows around the root system (when soil drenched) and foliage of the plant (when sprayed on). It may be used on […]


YOUR LAWN WILL LOVE IT! Medina Hasta Gro Lawn (12-4-8 Liquid Lawn Food) Liquid nutrients are taken up directly through the leaves for more efficient fertilizer absorption. East to apply with your garden hose. Contains humates, chelated trace elements and Medina Soil Activator to stimulate natural soil organisms and plant growth.