Birds in the Winter

Everyone hears, “Birds go south for the winter,” but, “south,” is Texas. Regardless of how warm Texas winters are, birds are still susceptible to freezing temperatures. This article will help you to understand where birds go, what they eat, and the shelter they need to survive the winter.

During the winter months, birds fly south to Texas and Mexico from Canada and the northern American states. The birds that stay in Texas year-round are Blue Jays, Mockingbirds, Cardinals, and Blue Birds. Texas is warmer than the northeast, but we still get high winds, bare trees, dry conditions,  and temperatures below 32 degrees. The birds in the area are capable of surviving winter on their own, but they sure do appreciate a warm place to stay.

Just like humans, birds need food, water, and shelter to survive. Throughout the winter birds rely on food due to its calories. When birds get cold, their metabolism speeds up. If they don’t have enough food to eat they could freeze. Putting out a bird feeder on a nearby branch or the back porch is how so many people help the neighborhood birds.

Keeping the birds hydrated is another very important key to helping them survive winter comfortably. many people have fountains or ponds in their yards, but most people choose to help by providing a bird bath somewhere on their property. Bird baths are great for all seasons in the year; hot Texas summers can become just as taxing as a cold Texas winter.

You can provide shelter for a bird in a variety of different ways. Many people choose evergreen shrubs or birdhouses for birds to perch and hide away from high winds and rain. Many people assume that birdhouses are used for the springtime when birds lay their eggs. Although that’s true, birds use birdhouses in the winter to stay warm and dry. Round Rock Garden Center has a variety of birdhouses that completely block out heavy winds and rain.

If you live in an area with high construction or a new suburb with little to no foliage, it’s very important to provide food, water, and shelter for the birds in the area. Without a place to perch, stay dry, and hide from predators a birds life is bound to be short-lived unless they the necessities.