Caring for Your Vine

When choosing the perfect vine for your home decide where and what it’s going to be used for. If you are planting it in a spot where it is ignored during the winter choosing if a vine that will go dormant or stays evergreen won’t matter. If you are wanting it in a place for example in front of your house you may want to lean with a vine that stays evergreen year round.

Knowing how your vine grows and climbs is important in your decision process as well. Take in mind if the vine you choose climbs by twining or by aerial roots. Believe it or not some vines are strong enough to pull out things that aren’t firmly in the ground or can cause cracks on bricks with their aerial roots.

Decide if you want a perennial vine that will come back after a year has passed or an annual that only lives during one growing season. Don’t forget to do some research on what requirements the plant needs to grow. Does it need full sun? Partial shade? These are vital factors in choosing where and what to plant. Make sure you also consider if your vine likes to stay moist or dry out and if it requires a certain pH level.

We have a variety of vines to choose from and we are hoping to get a bunch more in the next couple weeks.

Here’s a list of vines that blossom in the spring, summer, and then bloom in the fall:

  • Sweet Clematis
  • Carolina Jessamine
  • Morning glory
  • Coral Honeysuckle

When training a vine to climb on a specific area start by planting it at least four to six inches away from the site to allow the roots to expand. When training a vine to climb have some type of string or fabric to tie the vine to where you want it to grow. A cut-up pantyhose is a cheap and easy way to start. The cut-up pantyhose is flexible enough to allow it to still grow with ease. Some vines may require little to no help at all but others may need some assistant along the way.

Take all of these factors into considerations when choosing the right vine to take home. Do your research, explore different methods, and lastly enjoy the process. If you have any questions feel free to ask us by calling, messaging us on social media, or simply stopping by. We’ll see you in the garden.