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Forever Evergreen Shrubs

During the winter season plants start to go dormant and yards/gardens begin to look sparse. The evergreen shrub prevents yards from looking dead all year long, simply by doing what it was naturally created to do. There are other benefits that come along with an evergreen shrub; year-round shelter for wildlife, winter color, and year-round […]

Time for Trees

Every year, at all times of the year, people are planting trees. However, the best time for planting trees is right now, and Round Rock Garden Center just received a shipment of the beautiful trees you’ve been waiting for. We’ve been listening to your requests all summer long and took them into consideration when ordering […]

Butterfly Gardens

Creating a butterfly garden can be as simple as picking plants to attract butterflies to your yard. However, if you want to take your butterfly garden a step further, you can turn it into a sanctuary. You’ll need to have a diverse plant selection that is popular to butterflies and a location that is conducive […]

Trending Houseplants

Round Rock Gardeners, you have seen them on Pinterest, women’s apparel, Facebook, and in magazine ads. I’m talking about trending houseplants. The all-green natural look is taking America’s fashion, home decor, and social media over-the-top with houseplants. There is so much more than meets the eye when discussing trending houseplants. Who is doing it, Why […]

Cheers to 16 Years

Round Rock Garden Center is celebrating 16 years of business this Saturday, Aug 11. Over the past 16 years, we’ve made a lot of physical changes to our store, and we’ve proudly developed into a full-service garden for the Round Rock/Austin area. Our first big fix to the garden center was the parking lot, and […]