Healthy Plants & Helpful Employees…
“I went in this Garden center a couple of years ago and got 2 crepe myrtle’s and a mimosa tree and after all this time they’re all 3 just gorgeous! They have the healthiest looking plants and the place is gigantic. The staff is ready to help you with any question (they KNOW what they’re talking about) and they don’t hesitate to help you take your trees/plants out to your car…….great!”

“We picked up most all of our plants at Round Rock Gardens and they were some of the best quality we had found around town. They have plenty of helpful staff on hand which is more then I can say for other nursery’s (most others either run off quickly or they don’t have any employees working the area.) And they even sell Lady Bug soil/fert cheaper than other major nursery’s. When we need something from now on this is where we go 1st.”

Amazing Garden Supply!
“This place fools the eye at first glance. It looks like a tiny little place, but it’s actually HUGE! There is a gigantic nursery section that is hidden from the road. The staff here is super friendly and very knowledgeable about what would work best for you. They will spend as much time with you as you need, and will answer all your questions. Their prices are comparable to other nurseries in the area, but the selection and service are MUCH better!”

What an amazing selection!
“I was very pleasantly surprised by the vast selection this nursery has to offer. Their plants are gorgeous, and their staff is very knowledgeable. The variety of plants is quite good for the area, and they have some beautiful garden statues to offer as well.”

We had a great time at the Crawfish boil/Easter Egg hunt!
“It was our first time eating crawfish and we met nice people who showed us how. The corn and potatoes were great too. Our five year old son loved the egg hunt. The music was wonderful! I hope you do this again next year. We loved it. We will be back!! THANK YOU!”

Best Nursery in Town!
“I was putting in my garden this year and I must have called them 3 to 4 times a day for over a week. Before I even bought anything. They were never bothered by my calls and very helpful every time.”

To the staff at Round Rock
I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your amazing customer service after calling a few weeks ago because the Christmas tree stand that held our beautiful tree leaked water. You took it upon yourselves to pick up my tree, replace the stand and delivered it back that day! I was so impressed and very appreciative. My husband and I are also local business owners so we are very committed to supporting others in our community. And I’m so glad we did. You just don’t get service like that at big chain stores. I wish you all continued success and good fortune in 2009!
Best Wishes.

-Jessica D.

Love this place!
Stephanie is great, very knowledgeable and willing to get in new products that you want. I am very happy with this garden center and will continue to purchase all of my gardening supplies and plants there. They have organic soils and fertilizers. Plant stock is healthy and they have lots of veggie stock in and now they have Earth Boxes too! I’m planning to buy a few of those.
-Jeffrey B