The First Day of Fall

When you think about fall, do you think about wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket, or drinking a warm mug of hot cocoa? Maybe you get excited because fall is the perfect time for planting in your garden! The first day of fall has snuck up on us fast. This Saturday, September 22, we will be in full swing for fall. Grab your blanket, cup of cocoa, and head outside to start planting!

Our favorite fall planters have finally arrived at the garden center. We have snapdragons, pansies, mums, flowering kale, cabbage, and ornamental peppers.

Everyone loves fall gardening, and plants do too, for many of the same reasons as people. Autumn’s cooler air temperatures are easier on plants as well as gardeners, and the soil is still warm enough to let roots grow into the ground. The cozy rainy weather that comes with the fall season, is another reason plants love fall. As you’ve probably noticed, September has been a very reliable month for rain, which is usually the case every year.

Planting up to six weeks before the first freeze is a good rule of thumb. Any closer to the first freeze, your plants will not have enough time to get rooted into the ground and most likely won’t survive the upcoming winter.

In the same way that you love cozy blankets in the fall, so do plants. This fall, pile mulch around the base of your plants to keep them warm. Mulching also encourages strong root growth to help your plants become even more established. If you forgot to plant or transplant at least six weeks before the first freeze, but you still want to try to get your plant to make it through winter, add a lot of mulch to help keep it warm and get it to establish faster. There’s a slim chance that your plant could make it.

The best time to plant is right now, fall is for planting! If you aren’t sure what to plant this fall, come to the Round Rock Garden Center and let one of our trained experts help you pick beautiful plants that will make it through the fall and winter. With all our new fall arrivals, we know you’ll find something to love all season long.