Forever Evergreen Shrubs

During the winter season plants start to go dormant and yards/gardens begin to look sparse. The evergreen shrub prevents yards from looking dead all year long, simply by doing what it was naturally created to do. There are other benefits that come along with an evergreen shrub; year-round shelter for wildlife, winter color, and year-round privacy for homes.

Birds and other small animals aren’t often seen in leafless trees. Without the shelter of leaves, their homes disappear. An evergreen tree or shrub keeps it’s leaves all year long, providing a safe and cozy shelter for the winter-loving animals. Evergreens are a great choice to increase winter wildlife and provide a safe shelter to the environment around.

Along with shelter for wildlife, an evergreen shrub comes with the added benefit of color to add to your yard. Yes, an evergreen keeps green leaves all year long, but there are many kinds of evergreen shrubs that produce winter color; the deciduous holly is a beautiful shrub that gets bright red berried clustered at the edge of its branches. No matter where you place it in the garden, it will catch everyone’s eye and beautify your winter landscape. Paperbush is another winter shrub with beautiful blossoms. In December, all the leaves fall to reveal white and yellow blossoms that will bloom until April.

Some evergreen shrubs don’t produce winter colors, but they are great for year-round privacy. Some of the best evergreen shrubs are at Round Rock Garden Center; Houston Holly, Southern Wax Myrtle, and the Cherry Laurel. This week, 10/19, they are 25% off. These shrubs provide thick coverage and screening so full privacy can be maintained all year long.

This winter, don’t be the bare yard on the block. Round Rock Garden Center is making it easy to have the most beautiful evergreen foliage in the garden. Enjoy the liveliness and color of evergreens year round. Be a habitat for winter animals and maintain home privacy. Stop by Round Rock Garden Center and let expert gardeners find the perfect evergreen for your yard.