Go Native!

When choosing what to plant in your garden this year, take a step away from exotic plants and take a leap forward towards natives!

Let’s face the sad truth that we do not live in Hawaii or some beautiful rainforest in South America. Our weather is hot and dry in the summer sometimes too hot that it’ll burn most exotic plants you plant in your garden anyway. Winter may not be as cold as places such as Michigan but its definitely cold enough to wipe out the plants that aren’t used to weather below 60 degrees. Going through the hassle of adding extra products to your soil or attempting to maintain the correct conditions for a plant, in a habitat not native to what they are normally used to is nearly impossible. You are always gonna have to put in extra work that is never guaranteed to keep the plant alive.

Ditch all the extra steps and stress of maintaining exotic plants in Texan soil. Use a plant that will strive in this area. Native plants are already accustomed to the soil, water, and climate this area can provide for them to live.

Looking for a plant that is low maintenance, requires little watering, and is cold hardy? Go native! You don’t need to add extra nutrients to the soil for it to do well, no need to stress about watering, and digging up the plant and bringing it inside for winter is something you’ll never have to do.

The best part about going native is not only is it easier to maintain your garden you are also helping the environment. You are providing a habitat for many species of wildlife that are affected when exotic and invasive species of plants enter their ecosystem.

We have a huge section to choose from. Texas has beautiful plants to give color to your gardens such as Salvia and Trailing Lantana or breathtaking trees like the Live Oak. If you have any question give us a call or messages on social media. We’ll see you in the garden.