Incorporating Flowers Into Thanksgiving

Each year, Thanksgiving preparations get skipped over and people start to celebrate Christmas the first week of November. This year, take some time to celebrate all the things you’re thankful for around a table decorated with nature and flowers from your local garden center. Here are a few ways your centerpiece can go above and beyond traditional holiday decor.

Create a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers; fall aster, mums, snapdragons, Indian corn, and pansies. These cool weather loving plants look beautiful when they’re incorporated together in a centerpiece or in the garden. These plants make a perfect bouquet of you’re going for a traditional Thanksgiving decoration theme. Many love the traditional Thanksgiving decor, but other might want to communicate a modern-day Thanksgiving trend.

If you guessed succulents as the modern-day Thanksgiving centerpiece, you’re right. Cacti and other succulents look beautiful when they’re mixed and matched in a long fall themed container placed at the center of the table. Succulents and cacti come in different colors; green, deep purple, dark pink, and sometimes dusty blues. With all those colors you’re sure to catch each guest’s eye as they sit down to enjoy a delicious meal at your table. Add a few decorative candles and a holiday table runner to evoke an extra inviting warmth to the room.

Some hosts love to put on a grand Thanksgiving Day display, and there’s no better way to wow your guests than a multilevel assorted container centerpiece. Find a few different pots in your holiday theme color; terracotta, copper, white cement, and brown- and in a few different shapes; round, square, and oblong. This will add depth and dimension to your centerpiece. To take this grand centerpiece even higher, add some levels to make the table space look more full. To add a level, glue a terracotta put to an old candlestick holder and spray paint the color of your choice. If you have a larger pot that you’d like to get off the table, set it on a white or glass cake stand. There are so many plants you can put in this centerpiece; ferns, succulents, and even evergreen branches. Stop by Round Rock Garden Center to let a garden expert help you find the perfect arrangement for your Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

The next centerpiece is for craft lovers of all sorts. The succulent pumpkin centerpiece. Don’t be too quick to assume the succulent pumpkin won’t last all month long, we assure you, it will. Here’s how; After you carve out the pumpkin, cover the inside with petroleum jelly. In the bottom of the pumpkin, add a tiny pile of crushed up charcoal chunks to absorb moisture and other particles that produce rot. Fill your pumpkin with pieces of driftwood. On top of the driftwood add a piece of paper, then place a layer of dirt. Pick out all the succulents you need to fill your pumpkin and you’ll have a succulent pumpkin container garden that’ll last all month long. At the end of the month, transfer your pumpkin centerpiece plants into another container and enjoy them throughout many more seasons.

Whichever style you choose, basic, modern, grand, or crafty, Round Rock Garden Center wants to help you fill your centerpiece with the most beautiful plants. From succulents to houseplants to cacti, we’ve got you covered. When you’re finished celebrating Thanksgiving, we’ll be ready to help you find the perfect Christmas tree. Don’t forget to hashtag, #roundrockgardencenter, if you post a picture of your centerpiece. We love to see what you create!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Round Rock Garden Center