Keep on Planting

Winter is approaching fast and we’re not ready to stop planting! Maybe you’re not ready to stop planting either. Round Rock Garden Center has many containers to create a beautiful container garden you can keep inside.

If you’re wishing to plant a citrus tree, annuals, or even perennials, don’t let winter hold you back. However, if you’re planning to plant anything besides annuals, make sure you plant them in a container. Keep it indoors in a window with bright indirect or direct sunlight, depending on the plant’s sun requirements.

When picking out your container, make sure it has the proper drainage. If plants sit in a container without drainage, they’ll die from overwatering. Pick a container that you can move easily. Some days during the Texas winter you’ll be able to place your container garden outside. When it freezes during the nights, you’ll want to take it inside and out of the cold.

Pick a durable pot. A lot of pots that look natural are very porous and won’t withstand the test of time. Pick a non-porous container; glazed pottery is slightly more expensive, but it lasts much longer than terracotta.

When you water your container plants, be sure to soak them all the way through. Allow the plant to dry before watering it again.

When winter is over, around mid-March, plant your perennials in the ground. If you have a citrus tree in a container, it’s highly recommended that it never gets planted in the ground.

Ask us any winter container garden questions you may have. Our expert gardeners are always happy to help. Keep on planting!

We’ll see you in the garden,

Round Rock Garden Center