Meet Our Expert Gardeners

This week, we want to introduce the Round Rock Garden Center expert gardeners. Anytime you have an issue with your plants or grass, Round Rock Garden Center’s expert gardeners are the first to respond to your issue. Whether it’s over the phone or a live sample brought in person, our staff is always excited to help. Here’s the team that helps keep Round Rock’s gardens beautiful.

Jeff is the owner of Round Rock Garden Center. He keeps an overseeing eye on all departments and handles finances. Jeff started the company 16 years ago when it was a small shop. He saw potential and grew the store into the beautiful garden center it is today. You can find Jeff around the garden center and many times at our hosted events. Jeff is always ready to help customers with questions and offer great prices on all gardening needs.

Diana is our manager in charge of the gift deck and our office administrator. She has been at the garden center since day one, 16 years ago. She is quick to recognize any issues you’re having with a plant or grass and knows the exact remedies to get them back to good health. She also handles many behind the scene business affairs to keep the garden center growing.

Marisa has been with Round Rock Gardens for 6 months. She’s the manager that oversees social media posts, creates ads, writes our weekly newsletter and blogs. When she’s not in the office focusing on Round Rock Garden Center’s media presence, she can be found at the register or helping customers in the garden.


Meet J. He’s one of Round Rock Garden Center’s managers. He’s also the arborist and the man with the plan when it comes to your grass or identifying plant issues. You’ll often catch J early in the morning watering the garden center’s plants. He is an expert in all areas, especially in identifying diseases and pests. Many customers of the garden center have trusted J for years and keep coming back to him for more expert advice.


Dan is one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet and we’re so lucky to have him as part of our team at the garden center. Dan is a groundskeeper of the garden, constantly pulling weeds and watering plants to keep them beautiful until our customers take them home. Dan loves helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Our new greenhouse manager is Terra. She came to Round Rock Garden Center in March of 2018 and has done a wonderful job keeping the greenhouse stocked full of lush green color. Terra always orders the trendiest plants and has the best suggestions when it comes to houseplants. She is knowledgeable about the plants she sells and will always send you home with everything you need to know.


If you’ve been to our bedding and Veggie section, you’ve probably met Sam, our bedding manager. He’s the perfect expert to answer any questions you may have about annuals or veggies; when to plant, what to plant, and how to water- Sam always has the correct answer for you. You can expect to find the most colorful and seasonal plants in Sam’s section, especially during the fall. He knows what plants to order because he knows what plants our customers love.

We’re sure you’ve noticed all the beautiful colors that exude from this section. Sarah has done a wonderful job keeping the plants watered and beautifully displayed. She’s always eager to help a customer looking for any plant in any section.

Our register lead is Julia. She does an amazing job answering customer calls, leading customers to the plants they’re looking for, keeping descriptive signs in plants, and ensuring the customer leaves happy. Julia has constantly been making improvements to the register since she started at Round Rock Garden Center.

Riley is on the register at the garden center. He’s got a great attitude and loves talking to the customers about their gardening needs. Riley has been featured on Round Rock Garden Center’s Facebook page and he’s quite popular with our customers. He has a great social media presence and truly loves what he does. Riley believes in customer service with a smile.

One of our newest members to the register is Garett. Since Garret has started at the garden center, he has shown incredible customer service. He always offers our customers the chance to become a Garden Rewards Member and never forgets to mention the opportunity to redeem points during a redemption period. We are happy to have Garett’s wonderful customer service skills on our team.

Victor is the man behind the curtain. He is Round Rock Garden Center’s waterer and one of the only few people that are permitted to use the forklift. Victor helps unload all the shipments of beautiful plants we receive throughout the week. He is always making his coworkers laugh and has a great time helping customers find what they need.

Round Rock Garden Center has many different expert employees, but our entire team is always ready to answer questions and help you find exactly what you are looking for. We value our customers and love to help keep the gardens of Round Rock beautiful.