Organic Plant Care

Round Rock Garden Center provides the best quality and widest selection of natural organic products available.

Focus on Fungus

When fungus becomes a problem

We are seeing more & more fungal problems this time of year:  powdery mildew on crepes, roses and many veggies; black spot on roses; brown patch in the lawn. The main question is what to use?  Let our garden experts help you select the appropriate product for your problem.

These are some of the organic options available:

Fungus Control for Plants:

  • Neem Oil – Topical fungus control/Liquid
  • Infuse – systemic fungus control/Liquid
  • Copper Fungicide – Topical/Liquid
  • Sulfur – Topical/Granular

Fungus Control for Lawns:

  • Infuse – Liquid/Granular
  • Actino-Iron – Granular
  • Actinovate – concentrate
  • MicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3

Fungus Prevention:

  • Corn Meal – Granular
  • MicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3
  • Actino-Iron – Granular
  • Lady Bug Mushroom Compost



An organic fungicide

Actinovate is a biological fungicide that fights lawn and garden fungal-related diseases. Particularly effective for brown patch, dollar spot, root rot and leaf mildews.

The active ingredient in Actinovate is a bacterium that, when applied, grows around the root system (when soil drenched) and foliage of the plant (when sprayed on). It may be used on all vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

MicroLife™ Organic Fertilizer

A superior, long lasting, all organic, biological fertilizer that promotes sound plant and soil health. Granulated, homogenized with 2% Fe, 70 trace minerals, enzymes and beneficial microorganisms, including Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal. All purpose, it can be used on lawns and flower beds. Granulated, homogenized with iron and trace minerals, enzymes and beneficial microorganisms.


Beneficial Nematodes

These microscopic organisms destroy pests that live underground. They will seek out and destroy more than 230 different kinds of soil dwelling and wood boring insects, including Japanese beetles, cut worms, wire worms, weevils, white grubs, fungus gnat larvae, flea larvae, subterranean termites and many more. They are so small that several thousand would fit on the head of a pin! But they do a big job –moving through the ground, they enter the body cavities of their target pests and release bacteria that kill that pest. They are completely safe for people, pets, and the environment, and are compatible with other beneficial insects. Each container includes seven million live beneficial nematodes.



Medina Hasta Gro Lawn (12-4-8 Liquid Lawn Food)

Liquid nutrients are taken up directly through the leaves for more efficient fertilizer absorption. East to apply with your garden hose.

Contains humates, chelated trace elements and Medina Soil Activator to stimulate natural soil organisms and plant growth.


Mosquito Control

Are you prepared for mosquito season?

  • Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellant – personal repellant that is DEET free, effective and pleasant smelling.  Staff Favorite.
  • Mosquito Dunks are a biological control for mosquitoes in the larval development stage. Add to ponds, standing water, pots, saucers, etc.
  • Mosquito Dunks six pack- These donuts uses BT to kill Mosquito larvae in standing water. Safe for fish and pets.
    Bug Beater Yard & Garden Insect Fog 32oz– for use in yard foggers, a Pyrethrin flying insect killer.
  • Mosquito Beater 32oz RTS- a repellant using Cedar Oil, Citronella Oil, Geranium Oil, and Lemon Grass Oil in a ready to use hose end sprayer.
  • Mosquito Beater Granular 8oz & 1.3lb- a repellant using Garlic, Cedar Oil, Citronella Oil, Geranium Oil, and Lemon Grass Oil that lasts for 3 weeks.
  • Mosquito Beater WSP 24 pack & 80 pack- a water soluable packet of BT to kill Mosquito larvae in standing water. These are also good for treating White Flies in houseplants. Safe for fish and pets.

Find more information on mosquito control from ‘The Dirt Doctor’ Howard Garrett here.


Medina Humate Liquid Humus

Excellent amendment for breaking up and improving clay and compact soils. Medina Humate is a liquid humus for gardening enthusiasts that want to build the quality and structure of their soil without using harmful chemicals. Very concentrated.

Unique Features:
• Improves moisture retention
• Enhances nitrogen and nutrient release
• Increases exchange capacity and buffering properties
• Provides micro and macro nutrients
• Improves chelation of elements into usable nutrients for plants
• Improves soils physical properties
• Holds exchangeable plant nutrients


Bugs Bugging You?

Lacebugs on azaleas, leaf miners on citrus, hornworms and stinkbugs on tomatoes — ugh!

Ask us what to use.

Here’s a short list of remedies.  Be sure to read the label.

  • LadyBugs & Nematodes
  • Eight
  • All Season Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Azitol
  • BT (Thuricide)
  • Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew
  • Spinosad
  • Rose Shield

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