Origin of the Christmas Tree

Every Christmas, people all over America put up Christmas trees in their living room. Some choose natures tree and others prefer wacky colored artificial. The options are endless when it comes to choosing what kind of Christmas tree you want for your home, but have you ever considered why we follow this strange tradition; putting a tree in the middle of the living room?

Before the Christmas tree had religious ties, the fir tree was celebrated because it’s an evergreen tree. Most other trees would lose their leaves and go dormant in the winter, but the fir stayed beautiful year round. People believed the fir tree was magic, so they brought them into their homes to ward off witches and ghosts.

This belief spread to The Romans, Celts, Vikings, and eventually got to the Germans. The Germans are the first credited people to use the fir tree as a Christmas tree. In the 16th century, Martin Luther, (the Protestant reformer,) was walking towards his home with a fir tree. His family saw him walking home with the tree and the stars glistening through the beautiful green branches. His family loved the look so much, they decided to recreate the beauty inside their home. Many other people caught on to this tradition, lighting stacks of wood or trees with small candles.

The first man to celebrate with a Christmas tree in America was a German settler from Pennsylvania in 1830. Most Americans found the Christmas tree odd and saw the act as a pagan symbol. The issues Americans had with the Christmas tree soon disappeared in 1846, when Queen Victoria was sketched standing around a Christmas tree with her family. The American settlers loved Queen Victoria and found a fashionable trending reason to support the Christmas tree.

By the 1900’s Americans were decorating their Christmas trees with ornaments and homemade decorations; sparkling lights and dyed popcorn on a string. Americans not only accepted the Christmas tree, but they took it over the top by placing Christmas trees all around the town square and having the biggest lushest trees in their home. The Christmas tree has been an American tradition for roughly 118 years.

Although this tradition started out as pagan, so many people found a way to relate it to Christmas through its beauty that God provided to his children. Even when the British Puritans tried to stop Americans from using the tree to celebrate the sacred event, the American people had a different plan. They couldn’t be stopped when it came to celebrating their saviors birth in the most lively way.