Plant Your Seeds Now!

This is the perfect time to start planting your seeds indoors and get a head start on preparation for spring.

There are many benefits in planting seeds now rather than waiting for spring or buying young seedlings to reduce extra work. Starting your seeds indoors allows you to get a head start on the season, control the way your seeds grow as they get bigger, and be able to catch any issues that the plant is having before it gets worse.

You can also use this time to experiment. Try using different soil for one half of your seeds and another type for the other half. This allows you to see which products work best for growing seeds. A heating mat is optional but some of our expert gardeners recommend it because it keeps the seeds warm while also speeding up the germination period.

Keep in mind how much your growing to allow there to be enough space in your garden when you plant them. Make sure to also grow a little more than you need in case there are some failures. Labeling is important when you are growing seeds but even more important when you are growing large amounts of different things so you keep track of what is growing and where.

Keep the seeds in moistened potting soil made for seedlings. If you try growing it in soil that is too heavy and thick for the seed it won’t allow it to grow and develop roots properly. Seed pallets are a great way to start your seeds if you are new to the process of seed growing.

If you are unsure what and when to plant something stop by and ask an expert gardener to give you a print out of our planting calendar. Also if you are looking to buy a heating mat for your seeds or seed pallets stop by and pick some up. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to stop by and ask. There is always an expert gardener nearby ready to help you with any of your gardening needs. We’ll see you in the garden.