Providing Food, Water, and Shelter To Birds

When learning about what is needed to correctly provide the right food, water, and shelter for local birds you also learn a lot about what they require in order to survive. It is a great experience to have and we highly recommend looking into providing shelter and food for the lovely birds in our area.
Variety is key when it comes to the type of feeder, food, shelter and so on that you use. Also, take in mind the existing plants you have in your surroundings and the number of chemicals you use in your yard has an effect on these birds.
When it comes to what bird feeder to use a tube feeder is a must have. Tube feeders allow a wide variety of birds to feed of it and keeps the seeds dry. Mesh feeder allows birds like woodpeckers to grasp on to something while eating. This also helps prevent a larger more aggressive bird from invading the feeding area. Lastly just using a simple bowl feeder that is in a sheltered area where the seeds stay dry is a great feeder to start with.
Using a good quality bird food such as Pennington Bird Seed is a simple way to attract local birds. Try to look for a mix that has seeds that provide plenty of energy for birds, for example, sunflower seeds. Some birds prefer different types of food so keep that in mind when choosing what to get. Including at least one suet cage is important because it provides a crucial source of energy for these birds.
When providing food and water to birds who have to remember to regularly clean the containers used to hold the water/food. Remember to always dump out the existing seed/water when refilling it. Cleaning your birdbaths and bird feeder regularly is also very important. Just use soapy water and a bottle brush to scrub away harmful bacteria. All this helps prevent the spread of disease, built up of mildew, and mold.
During colder climates, birds require a dry/warm shelter that is protected from things such as rain and harsh winds. Like I said variety is everything when dealing with birds so make sure to give these birds options that best fit their needs. During the hot summer, local birds will be searching for a place to cool off. Placing a birdbath in a shaded area will allow birds to cool off and be protected from the harsh sun. This is the time to take advantage of your surrounding. Having a couple of trees and thornless shrubs in your yard will give birds some nice shade during the hotter seasons.
One last thing to keep in mind is what products you are using in your yard. Try to limit your self on the use of pesticides and insecticides. These harsh chemicals affect birds greatly. The fewer chemicals you use on your yard the better.
Taking all these things into consideration go out and experiment, learn what works best for you, and have fun! If you have any question never hesitate to give us a call or message us on social media. Yes, we do have a large variety of birdbaths, birdhouses, and feeders so take a trip to see what we have available to you. We’ll see you in the garden.