Shade Shrubs For You

This week, Round Rock Garden Center is focusing on some of the most beautiful and versatile shrubs we carry. The Mahonia Indigo, Azalea, Gardenia, Elephant Ear, and Leopard Plant. These plants can be placed by your house, underneath trees, or anywhere in your yard that is completely covered in shade. However, the Mahonia Indigo breaks the stereotype of a SHADE shrub.

Mahonia Indigo’s can survive in 100% shade, but they can also survive in 100% sun, which makes them very easy to take care of. The Mahonia Indigo also produces a beautiful purple bloom that emerges during the late winter. Mahonia also comes in yellow, with green/ yellow-green leaves that look great by the pool. The Mahonia’s glossy evergreen leaves will keep your garden lush all year long, even if you choose to plant it in full sun.

Another lush shrub to add to your garden is the Azalea. It produces big colorful blooms that last all spring long. It’s best to plant the Azalea in complete shade and you’ll have blooms from mid-March- May. They’re one of the south’s favorite plants. However, you don’t want to plant an Azalea anywhere around your pets, because the leaves are poisonous if they’re ingested.

A beautiful shrub that isn’t toxic to animals, and similar to the Azalea, is the Gardenia. Add this plant if you’re looking for big blooms and fragrant smells. Chances are you’ve smelled gardenia before and fell in love. If you’re a fan of the gardenia smell, you should try planting this shrub instead of an Azalea. Their blooms last much longer, (from spring and into the fall,) so you’ll get to enjoy their perfume majority of the year. If you find yourself sitting or entertaining outside often, a Gardenia will suit your garden quite nicely.

If you like being outdoors, but you prefer a shade shrub that doesn’t bloom, you might prefer the Elephant Ear plant. Long green stems and widespread leaves are the perfect accent plant for a shady or sunny spot around the pool. If you are choosing to have your Elephant Ears in the sun, make sure they get some shade during the hottest part of the day and up to 3 inches of water per week.

Another aquatic and tropical looking shade shrub is the Leopard Plant. If you want a colorful plant to put by your pool, (shade specifically,) choose the Leopard Plant. They flourish in deep shade, but they will survive in partial shade. They have green waxy leaves, and they differ from many plants because of their yellow spots. During the fall, the Leopard Plant sends little yellow flowers to the top of its stalks, making them perfect for a shaded flower bed.

There are so many shrubs to choose from at Round Rock Garden Center, but with this Texas heat lingering around, we want you to walk away with a beautiful shade shrub. Come to pick out your favorite shrub, take it home, plant it, and kick back and relax in the shade.