Summer Perennials

This summer, Round Rock Garden Center believes it’s important to have some beautiful summer perennials that will flourish in your garden. The hardiest, most sun-loving, and longest blooming plants in zone 8b are the only plants we’ll recommend for you.

The Coreopsis flower thrives in hot and dry weather, it’s a very reliable Texas perennial that that comes in many different colors to spruce up your summertime garden. Although they have small wiry stems, they’re hardy when it comes to disease, and they bloom all summer long.

Another summertime perennial that blooms all summer long and into the fall is John Fanick Phlox. This plant isn’t bothered by heat, humidity, or even drought, (and in Texas, that’s something we experience every once in a while.) They produce a faded pink color, they’re dense, and they get up to three feet tall. John Fanick Phlox is great for butterfly gardens and produce a lovely smell all summer long. It’s a full sun plant and requires well-drained soil to survive.

If you love roses, the perfect summer perennial rosebush for you is the Knock Out. These pink roses are made for the Texas heat and promise a beautiful bloom from spring to winter. They are the most disease resistant rose on the market, making them incredibly hardy. The best part about the Knock Out, they are self-cleaning. You will never have to deadhead this sweet pink rosebush.

If you like the idea of a bush, but you’d like something a little less showy, the Texas Sage plant might be perfect for you. Dark green foliage with sprouting purple flowers is an eloquent touch to any garden. Texas Sage is an evergreen shrub that comes back every year. If you have an area with poor soil or a spot where other plants have had trouble growing, try planting the Texas Sage there instead. It’s a drought tolerant plant, native to Texas and Mexico. The only disease common to this plant is root rot, so if you do try out the Texas Sage, don’t over water.

If you’re looking for a popular summer perennial, I’m sure you’ve heard of Lantana. A bright pink and yellow flower that acts like vines, but is classified as a shrub. Lantana is an evergreen perennial, native to Florida, but does extremely well in Texas. They are fragrant, drought tolerant plants that require full sun. Lantana attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden and bloom all summer long. They are toxic to children and pets, so we don’t recommend placing them in the backyard.

Although we are talking highly of these beautiful hardy plants, Round Rock Garden Center has many more. Come to see all of our summer perennials and find the best match for you.