The Christmas Cactus

When a trend meets Christmas time, you have the perfect gift. This year, Christmas Cactus are flying off the shelf faster than poinsettias. They come in different colors; red, pink, and white. Here are some of the reasons people are loving the Schlumbergera, a.k.a the Christmas Cactus, which was given its name because it blooms from December to January.

If you have a millennial in your life, you’ve probably noticed how much they love succulents and other cacti. Maybe even houseplants in general. The houseplant trend has taken over social media as well as 18-34-year-old’s bedrooms. Why did millennials become so obsessed with houseplants? Well, would you believe me if I told you it had to do with the economy and the housing market? Young adults aren’t moving into houses with yards. They prefer an apartment or a condo in the city. When living in the city or being crammed in a tiny apartment, having plants on a desk or on the kitchen table makes the environment more livable.

There’s a variety of houseplants that purify indoor air, the Christmas Cactus being one of them. Families with low immune systems or sick children often find it beneficial to keep an air purifying houseplant in their home. The Christmas Cactus is a great option for air purification, especially in the winter because of its winter blooms and Christmas name.

If you’re looking for a housewarming gift this season or a Christmas present for a millennial, the Christmas Cactus is the plant to give. Stop by Round Rock Garden Center to browse our selection of Christmas Cactus, along with our other holiday plants; Paper Whites, Amaryllis, Yule Tide Camellias, and Poinsettias.

The Christmas Cactus is always sure to put a smile on any houseplant lovers face. Especially during Christmas time.

We’ll see you in the garden!