Time for Trees

Every year, at all times of the year, people are planting trees. However, the best time for planting trees is right now, and Round Rock Garden Center just received a shipment of the beautiful trees you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve been listening to your requests all summer long and took them into consideration when ordering our trees. We have Oshio-Beni – Bloodgood – and Crimson Queen Japanese Maples,
Autumn Blaze Red Maples, Texas Red – Post – Lacey – and Chinkapin Oaks, Chinese Pistaches, Teddy Bear Magnolias, Bald Cypress, Cedar Elms, Fuji and Granny Smith dwarf apple, June Gold and Sam Houston peach, and Pawnee Pecan trees.

We’ve got the trees, it’s time to start planting.

Fall beats the springtime when it comes to the perfect planting season. The heat of summer is behind us, and the freeze of winter is mild enough to allow the trees to grow without stunting their growth. Anytime the ground is above 40 degrees the roots will grow strong and sturdy. Ideally, everyone should be planting their trees in the next few weeks so their trees have the most amount of time to root before Round Rock’s next hot summer.

Our beautiful citrus fruit trees; lemon and lime should never be planted outside in the open. Unfortunately, the Texas-winter weather is enough to kill a citrus tree. Don’t ever let that stop you from owning our tasty citrus trees. There are many ways to keep your citrus alive outdoors. Building a greenhouse around your citrus tree to keep it warm is the first way to keep it alive in the winter. The second way; plant it in a pot and bring it inside during the winter.

Other fruit trees like our apples, peaches, and figs can be planted outdoors. They won’t need any special protection, but you’ll want to keep them potted until late winter when the tree is dormant. You never want to plant a fruit tree when it’s right in the middle of bearing its fruit.

If you’ve been considering a tree, but you can’t justify your purchase, here are some facts that will send you home with a tree. Did you know that tree’s increase your property value? Neighborhoods with mature trees sell at an average of $105,000 higher than neighborhoods that don’t. They can also save your energy bill. A house covered by a shady tree can save 20-50% on an energy bill for cooling. Your trees are actually saving you money! On a different note, trees also bring the wildlife right to your front door. The benefits of trees are endless.

If you have any more questions, stop by Round Rock Garden Center today, ask our arborist- J Thomas- anything you want to know about trees, and pick out your favorite. We have so many new selections and we can’t wait for you to find the perfect tree for your home or commercial project.

See you in the garden,
Round Rock Garden Center