Tips For Growing Tomatoes

If it’s your first time or your thousandth time planting tomatoes we have some tricks up our sleeve to get growing delicious tomatoes!

Refresh your soil! Add a variety of different types of compost to your pre-existing soil and mix it in. Adding more organic matter allows the microorganism to become active in your soil which means more nutrients added to your tomatoes. The more microbes the better. We recommend a variety of compost such as… “Nature’s Way Resources” Leaf Mold compost and Fungal compost, “Garden Ville” Elite Lawn compost, and “Back To Nature” Cotton Burr compost. These are all strongly recommended compost that we’ve personally tried and love!

Fight fungus and blight before it’s too late! To prevent fungus from wiping out your tomato garden use “Microlife” MicroGrow Bio Inoculant. This will help with early and late blight and also adding micronutrients and  trace minerals.

Once you prepare your soil with your choice of compost you want to get back inside and start preparing your seeds. “Planters Pride” Pellet Greenhouse Kit is a great product to start your seeds it’s easy to use and very efficient. It gives you all the tools you need to start growing awesome tomatoes and various other types of greens.  After watching over your seeds for 3-4 weeks you are going to gradually want to prepare them for the outdoors. Start with 4 hours outside then 6 hours and lastly 8 hours outside to ensure they are ready to be planted outdoors. While you allow them to get used to the outside weather, planting them in a large pot gives them ample space and gets them ready to grow in a similar environment like the one they will be planted in.

If you want tomatoes producing all season, we suggest planting 2 – 3 different varieties of tomatoes. Such as early, mid, and late blooming tomatoes. If you decide to grow an early blooming variety start growing indoors now. Mid and late season bloomers can be started indoors or outdoors after the weather is staying above 50 degrees.

If you have any question please stop by and ask away. There will be a veggie class with J. Thomas on Saturday, February 2nd at 10 AM.  All the amazing products listed above we do carry. Our veggie class is right around the corner, so make sure to stay updates on dates for classes and just to see what we are up too. We’ll see you in the garden.