Trending Houseplants

Round Rock Gardeners, you have seen them on Pinterest, women’s apparel, Facebook, and in magazine ads. I’m talking about trending houseplants. The all-green natural look is taking America’s fashion, home decor, and social media over-the-top with houseplants. There is so much more than meets the eye when discussing trending houseplants. Who is doing it, Why did the trend start, and what does it represent?

It may come as a surprise, but millennials aren’t the first generation obsessed with houseplants. This trend first started in 1970, when men and women across America were hanging plants in macrame hammocks around their homes. Now the millennials have caught on…(Yes, we are finally taking a break from technology, and we LOVE houseplants!) Some of the top trending houseplants right now; Fiddle Leaf Fig, Peperomia, Cactus, Succulents, Rattlesnake Calathea, Monstera, Burgundy Rubber Tree, Aloe Vera, Sansevieria, and Pothos Ivy.

If you’re asking, “Why do millennials all of a sudden have an interest in houseplants?”. It has to do with the living situation; the majority of millennials can’t afford a house. The housing market isn’t in anyone’s favor right now, and many are deferring to apartment life.

With that being said, millennials don’t have yards, but the hopes and dreams of beautiful plants are still there. Millennials buy colorful pots, watering cans, ornamental garden decor, and then, they buy their houseplants. The problem of having no yard is solved, and the plants are brought indoors. Crazy plant lady is the new cat lady.

The houseplant trend represents the same idea that gardening represents, the love for nature and its beauty. Gardening should be appreciated by all generations. Round Rock Garden Center loves our avid houseplant gardener and our outdoor gardeners too. We love that you love the beauty of a garden, whether you find it outdoors, or in your apartment.

Stop by Round Rock Garden Center today and bring the outdoors, indoors. We have all of the top trending houseplants located in our greenhouse with beautifully designed planters to match your style. We can’t wait to see you around the garden.