Watering Your Grass

Finding a watering pattern for your grass can be hard to do. A lot of the time it consists of guesswork and results in dead grass. Dead grass is usually caused by one of three things; over watering, under watering, and the time of day the grass is being watered.

At the first sign of brown spots, lawn owners assume their lawn is under watered. This isn’t always the reason for brown spots, and many times it’s just the opposite. Homeowners often overwater their lawn. Some common signs of overwatering are brown spots, compacted soil, shallow root system, and root rot. The brown spots in the yard are a fungus, (usually,) caused by overwatering. The fungus causes shallow roots, which in turn causes grass to die during temperature changes, such as hot summer seasons. In Texas, lawn owners should be watering their grass twice a week for 30 minutes. Watering any more than twice a week will damage a lawn.

If you’re experiencing brown spots in your grass, treat the affected areas with a systematic fungicide, rather than contact fungicide. The systematic fungicide is a granular taken up through the root system and lasts far longer than contact.

Signs of under watering the lawn are yellowing of the turf and visible footprints lasting a few minutes after the lawn has been walked on. Determining if your lawn has too much water, or not enough, is easy: check the soil. If it’s moist, the lawn is being watered adequately. However, if the soil is dry and there are yellow patches in the yard, the issue is most likely under watering. The issue can be solved simply by watering properly. If you are watering properly, (two days a week for 30 minutes,) check the sprinkler system in the yard to make sure it’s functioning properly. If you feel confident you are watering properly, stop by Round Rock Garden Center and ask a garden specialist for advice. Your lawn may have a fungus.

“What time of day are you watering?”, is the second question we always ask at Round Rock Garden Center. Even if the lawn is being watered properly, it won’t survive if it’s being watered in the dark. The best time to water a lawn in the Austin area is between 6:00-9:00 AM. Do not water in the heat of the day, and most definitely do not water in the middle of the night. If the grass is being watered in the dead of night, the grass stays wet and creates a fungus.

Fungus-infected grass doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. There are always steps you can take to get your grass back to normal. At Round Rock Garden Center, we have organic, as well as chemical fixes to the problem. Visit one of our in-store garden experts to figure out the best fix for your grass. We’ll see you in the garden!