Welcome to August

August is here and we have so many opportunities to look forward to. The heat is going to let up (fingers crossed,) and that means it’s time to train your climbers, plant fall veggies, and add compost/mulch to your garden. We’re officially preparing for the fall.

The highest temperature in August 2017, was 100 degrees. Hard to believe, but the Round Rock area is finally starting to cool down. The ideal time to maintain your garden in August is in the morning or evening. Even though the temperature is cooling down, 100 degrees can affect the body; heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

If you have climbers that are looking a little wild, August is the perfect time to train them. The stems of your climbers should be hot enough to manipulate in the direction you want them to go. By the time fall comes around, the stems will harden up again, and you’ll have perfectly trained climbers in your garden. While you are training your climbers, don’t forget to deadhead the old blooms.

Out with the old blooms and in with the new veggies. When the weather starts cooling down, the opportunity to prepare for the fall is prime. Plant all of your early fall veggies; beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, turnips, and green onions. Browse our large selection of seeds in the barn and ask us how to get started. Veggies planted in late summer/early fall will need plenty of water to survive the 100-degree weather, so don’t forget to water them accordingly.

Keeping your plants cool and hydrated determines how well they’ll produce in the fall. Hydrating your plants doesn’t mean, “just water.” They are going to need compost or mulch to stay cool. If you’re a Garden Rewards Member, all bagged mulch is $2.00 off for the entire month of August. If you’re looking for some guidelines on composting, check out our educational resources tab. Read all about the do’s and dont’s of compost, curriculum produced by Round Rock Garden Center’s very own J Thomas.

As we get closer to the fall, keep your eyes open for Round Rock Garden Center’s tips and tricks. We are here to help, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

We’ll see you in the garden!