What To Do After A Freeze

The freeze has passed and while you pride yourself on the plants that survived the harsh weather you also hold close to your heart the ones that unfortunately didn’t. Now that you’ve prepared your plants for the climate change and the freeze has come through this opens up a great opportunity to do some after the freeze care.

Through this week you will realize that during the day the temperature will rise up and lower down at night. This is a great time to take out those plants you brought in for the winter back outside during those warmer hours of the day. If you decide you want to keep them inside for a little while longer make sure to keep them in a sunny spot that can allow them to continue growing at the speed they normally would if they were outside.

If you made the decision to cover up your plants over the freeze, you can now start to remove what you used to cover your plants to avoid adding unnecessary heat under that cover during those warmer hours. Do not remove the cover completely so when it starts to cool down you can give them some extra protection during the night time.

After the freeze, a lot of your non-native plants might have experienced some heavy damage or unfortunately died off completely. This is a very sad time for us gardeners but this is also a great time to do some cleanup work! Our recommendation is to wait about a week to prune/remove those dead and damaged plants. Why? Believe it or not, on some occasions, a plant may seem dead or badly damaged but is actually not. Wait a week to see if it shoots back up again. If not go ahead and remove or cut back the damaged areas. If you are hesitant about removing a plant you can wait till the second week of April to see if it revives itself

When pruning you want to cut down the healthy part of the plant. For woody plants scratch the surface off if you see it is green it’s alive. Pruning is more to give a neat look to your garden and not necessary. Unless parts of the plant are mushy. Go ahead and remove those areas to avoid it spreading to other areas of the plant.

Continue to maintain your garden by deadheading and for the areas of your garden that are empty due to you removing those dead plants, fill them back up with a variety of choices from our nursery. With a large selection of trees, shrubs, hardy ground covers, and some beautiful annuals you are sure to find something that fits your taste. As always we encourage you to stop by and ask us any questions you have along the way there is always an expert gardener ready to assist you as you walk in. We’ll see you in the garden.