Yard Beautification


After a long hot summer, it can be difficult to know where to start for fall. The grass is dead and the yard is barren. The best tip to remember when you’re trying to clean up this fall is, FALL IS FOR PLANTING. A little fertilizer, a few annuals, and a tree or two will bring your yard back to life.

MicroLife products are one of our most recommended products our garden center sells. They have acidifiers, hybrid, citrus, and many more fertilizers. This fall, (and winter too,) we are highly suggesting MicroLife brown patch fertilizer for your yard. “But my yard doesn’t have brown patch.” MicroLife brown patch fertilizer is the best winterizer fertilizer for your yard, even if you don’t have brown patch. It’s an all organic fertilizer loaded with supercharged biological inoculation. (Like a vaccine for your grass to build its immune system.) Spread this on your lawn this fall, it will keep it green, healthy, and ready for spring.

Another great step to ensure great growth in the spring; planting your trees in the fall. Trees have the fastest root growth when the weather isn’t too hot or cold. In Texas, that window is between mid-September to mid-November. Your trees will be rooted and ready to withstand the cold winter and will continue to root even further in the springtime. This fall, add one of our Japanese Maple trees. If you buy a five gallon, you receive 10% off blueberry blend soil and MicroLife acidifier fertilizer. When you buy  a seven gallon, receive 20% off the above products. We’re making it easy for you to have a healthy tree with this Japanese Maple planting kit.

If you’re looking to beautify your yard with some less permanent plants, we have all the fall annuals you could hope for. Fall annuals are so much more colorful than perennials and they attract pollinators to your yard. If you’re just starting a garden full of perennials, it probably doesn’t have much color yet. Annuals are the perfect addition to make your garden look lively when your perennials aren’t blooming during fall and winter.

There is no reason to worry about your garden/yard this fall. Whether it’s fertilizer, trees, or annuals, Round Rock Garden Center knows exactly how to help. Start preparing for the winter and have one of our garden experts direct you towards MicroLife brown patch fertilizer. Browse our trees and take home your favorite, but absolutely don’t forget about our colorful annual section. We have violas, snapdragons, pansies, mums, seasonal veggies, and peppers. We are here to help you beautify your yard this fall.